What We Believe

A brief summary of the principles of faith embraced by this organisation includes:

The Holy Scriptures – their inspiration and infallibility;
The Godhead – comprised of Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
The Lord Jesus Christ – a) His eternal co-existence with the persons of the Godhead and His incarnation, His vicarious death and resurrection for our sanctification and justification; b) His Ascension; c) His personal return to this earth;
The work of the Holy Spirit producing: a) Salvation through Faith in Christ; b) The fruit of the Holy Spirit which is the manifestation of the character of Christ in the Believer; c) The gifts of the Holy Spirit for the fulfilling of the ministry of Christ in, and flowing out from the Ministry,
The work of the Lord Jesus Christ producing: a) The Spirit-filled Christian Life b) Divine Healing on the basis of His Atoning Death and Resurrection; c) Liberty from bondages originating in Satan
The observation and ordinances of baptism by immersion,
Holy Communion as recorded in Scripture
Marriage according to Mark 10:7-9.

The involvement of every believer in the life and outreach of the local church under Spiritual Leadership.


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